Tractor 3D Experience

Tractor 3D Experience

John Deere India D series tractor range

D Series Tractors

John Deere 5D series tractors range from 36 HP to 50 HP. The 5D series tractors are multi utility in nature, efficient in both agricultural applications as well as heavy duty haulage. These tractors offer higher comfort in terms of wider operator station, neutral safety switch , and lower maintenance cost. John Deere 5D series includes PowerPro models and Value+++ models, offering our customers a wide range of tractors to select from.

John Deere India E series tractor range

E Series Tractors

John Deere 5E Series tractors are available from 50 HP to 74 HP. The 5E series tractors are specially designed for heavy duty applications and to handle large size implements with great ease and efficiency.

John Deere India Speciality Tractor

Speciality Tractors

John Deere Speciality tractors range from 28HP to 35HP. These narrow width tractors have been expertly designed not only bring comfort, but also immense convenience in orchard farming, intercultural and puddling operations.

John Deere India mobile App link


JD Link is an innovative application introduced by John Deere, that enables you to check your tractors health and stay connected with your tractor, anytime anywhere.


What is the John Deere tractor price range?

John Deere tractor price ranges from Rs.4.80 lakhs to Rs.29 lakhs

What is the John Deere tractor HP range?

John Deere tractor HP ranges from 28HP to 120HP

What is John Deere AutoTrac™?

John Deere AutoTrac™ is an automated vehicle guidance system. It provides the operator with hands-free straight path guidance, enhancing in-field productivity & greatly reducing operation fatigue.

Where can we get all the information about John Deere tractor price list?

The John Deere Tractor Price enquiry page is where you can get in touch with us and know more about the price list.

What kind of farming do John Deere mini tractors specialize in?

John Deere mini tractors or Speciality Tractors range from 28HP to 35HP. These narrow width tractors have been expertly for orchard farming, intercultural and puddling operations.

What is John Deere’s policy on Tractor Warranty?

John Deere offers a comprehensive 5-year or 5000 hours warranty which ever is earlier from the date of its first sale on all its tractors

What is a 2WD tractor?

“2WD” stands for “Two-Wheel Drive”. In 2WD tractors, all the traction gets directed to the rear wheels and allows a shorter turning radius. 2WD tractors are most preferred in agricultural and haulage applications. John Deere 2WD tractors are not only low on maintenance but are also high on efficiency and comfort.

What is a 4WD tractor?

“4WD” stands for “Four-Wheel Drive”. In 4WD tractors, the front wheels assist the rear wheels to pull the tractor forward. All the four wheels are supplied with power from the transmission which leads to lesser slippage and provides higher traction. Built with power and technology, John Deere 4WD tractors provide accelerated performance and are specially designed for heavy duty applications.

John Deere Dealership near me?

Locate your nearest John Deere dealer in a click of a Button

Why is John Deere the best?

John Deere is India's best & leading tractor manufacturer , with tractor HP ranging from 28HP to 75HP, John Deere offers a wide range of agriculture equipment & other offers.

Which tractor is best in 50 hp?

John Deere has a wide range of 50HP+ tractors that offer unmatched power & technology . Click to view : 5050D , 5210 Gear Pro5310 , 5405 & 5075

What is Trem 4 tractor?

John Deere offers TREM 4 compliant tractors which take care of all the applicable government norms. They offer superior power & technology. Click to view: 5405 , 5075

What is John Deere CAB tractor?

John Deere CAB tractors have been designed to provide the customers with a tractor that not only has an international look, but is also technologically advanced. The four post ROPS gives complete safety and comfort. Features like/ heating, ventilation and air conditioning ensures the operators comfort in cold and hot working conditions. It’s dust free, noise free and waterproof isolated sealed glass keeps the operator comfortable for longer working hours and enhances productivity.

Additionally features like SCV levers, PC & DC lever, hand Accelerator, EH PTO switch, cup holder/bottle holder and  RH Console provide ultimate comfort to access all controls. Moreover there are other features like adjustable deluxe seat with armrest and seat belt , weight adjustment, Height adjustment ,  seat back recliner and swinging out rear door.

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